The Walk is a mulched path in a wooded area along the flood plain of the Big Thompson River.  The Savage Woods, LLC has made reasonable accommodations for the woods to be accessible, however, the Walk is a mulched path through a wooded area in a flood plain.  Concreting, paving or making a more permanent trail is disproportionality costly for this temporary event.

Please no pets. This policy will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.  A dog whose sole purpose is to provide emotional support, comfort, or companionship is not a service animal and it will be excluded from the property.  It is a crime under Colorado’s criminal code to intentionally misrepresent that an animal is a service animal or to intentionally misrepresent that a person is entitled to a service animal so please leave your pet at home.

Please note- Service animals for persons with disabilities, as defined under the ADA, are not pets.  


The Creepy Walk in the Woods is a 501c(3). Our EIN is 81-2089507.

The Creepy Walk in the Woods works to raise money for philathopical uses as determined by the current board members in the years that the Creepy Walk in the Woods is actually able to make a profit from the admission tickets sold during the event.  Blizzards, floods, construction and fire are just a few of the items that can derail the Creepy Walk in the Woods from raising any money during the year.  However, in the years where Mother Nature cooperates with the Creepy Walk in the Woods, there is potential for this little Halloween outdoor themed walk in the woods to raise money that could be put to use inside the Loveland and Northern Colorado area.

Contact us for more information as to how to apply for grants, scholarships and other funding needs.

VIP Ticket Policy

Want VIP tickets?  They are not sold at the door and you cannot get them from us. 

Our VIP Tickets are elusive and ever so precious.  But, our VIP tickets are actual VIP tickets, not just some upcharge.  Holders of these tickets are allowed to come and be placed at the front of the line. No wait, no muss.

There are only 12 sets available each year.  

We donate VIP Tickets to other non-profits in hope to help that non-profit raise lots and lots of money for their cause.   Our VIP ticket pack is good for admission of a group of 4.  Winners of said VIP Tickets are given top priority to enter the haunt.

Where are these elusive tickets available?   Watch our Facebook page for announcements and keep an eye out for local silent or benefit auctions hosted by the many worthy causes in Northern Colorado.

Would you like us to donate a set to your cause?  Email us at 



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